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Trading Terms 


1. Choice Collection Agency (hereinafter referred to as CCA) agree to provide the Client with Debt Collection Services. The acceptance of instructions by CCA from the Client shall be deemed as acceptance of these Terms & Conditions by the Client.

2. The Client shall agree to pay any commission charges for all accounts referred to CCA and subsequently paid from the date of referral of the account to CCA and on all payments received after this date. Any work undertaken by the Client and or third parties shall not affect the Client's liability to pay CCA fees.

3. All debts passed for collection will be subject to the commission rates shown on our website unless stated otherwise. (Rates are subject to change, rates will apply as at the date of instruction).

4. On instruction the Client will inform all concerned within their organisation that with immediate effect they must not speak with, correspond by letter, email or fax with the debtor or anyone associated with the debtor.

5. Once a debt has been passed to CCA, all monies that are recovered by the Client from whatever source and whenever received are subject to commission at the stated rate.

6. CCA reserve the right to withdraw, refuse and discontinue our services at any time, or to refuse to accept any new collections by giving notice in writing to the said Client.

7. Termination of the service by the Client in the matter will not prejudice the right to pay CCA the commission in full based on the instructed debt and the stated rate.

8. If a Client has agreed to accept goods or services in lieu of payment of the said debt, CCA will invoice the Client based on the instructed debt and the stated rate.

9. Any suggestions or advice given by CCA shall be without prejudice and CCA shall not be liable for any suggestions or advice given, or for any losses incurred by the acts or omissions of agents or lawyers appointed at the request of the Client by CCA arising from circumstances of any kind beyond the direct control of CCA. Neither shall CCA be liable for any consequential losses by the Client.

10. The Client will at all times be liable for any fees incurred by agents or lawyers appointed by CCA on behalf and with the consent of the Client.

11. The Client shall settle accounts rendered by CCA within 7 days on receipt of invoices.

12. If the Client is a Limited Company or a Limited Liability Partnership and is unable to pay the invoice amount, then the invoice amount will be payable personally by the Directors or Partners.

13. All losses, costs and disbursements incurred by CCA through late payment by the Client will in all cases be charged back to the Client.

14. The above Terms & Conditions are subject to Dutch Law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the Dutch Courts and have been lodged at the Chamber of Commerce, Rotterdam. 

Cancellation & Liability

Cancellation of the service must be in writing and with a minimum period of two months unless it concerns a predetermined contract. Choice Collection Agency reserves the right to cancel any contract it deems untrustworthy or irresponsible.Under no circumstances will Choice Collection Agency be liable to any person or business entity for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential or other damages as a result of the acceptance of any assignment. This site contains no external links and all client information is held in a secure database, thus privacy is assured.