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Debt Recovery


CCA appreciates the sensitivity of debt recovery and its potential negative effect on client relations. We can also be used for dispute resolution and negotiation practices to resolve problems in an amicable fashion and to the satisfaction of all parties concerned.

Debt management must be effective to ensure a constant cash flow and a minimal risk for bad debts. This applies to both small and large companies alike. No business is immune to the risks associated with international trade and can be exposed to poor payment behaviour.

CCA can offer a comprehensive global debt collection service which ensures problem debts are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

We also have the availability of using a professional maritime lawyer should the need arise.


CCA can also mediate if there is a disputed account and it seems there is no solution. Sometimes it is better that an independent party attempts to resolve a matter, just a different insight.


When requested we can also arrange a Skip Trace or Arrest of a vessel (for pricing please contact)


Credit Management

We can assist in the setting up a standard collection management system for your collectors so that their efficiency is increased.

Credit Control Consultancy


Has your credit management process lost it's effectiveness?
This can be due to ill-management, sick employees, staffing problems or just inexperience.

CCA will examine these processes and give you our best advice to optimise your credit management. Naturally this occurs with you and your employees to reach all objectives.

Not only does it improve the process but also reduces operational costs and develops your external customer relations. A competitive hourly rate of € 90,00 inclusive 25 Km's will be invoiced.


Should yo be interested in a consult then kindly send us the details at reekfr@gmail.com.

Debiteurenbeheer - Nederland

(Freelance Opdrachten)

Ik kan u assisteren voor 2 dagen in de week (dinsdag & donderdag). Andere tijden in overleg.

Het kan ook per e-mail uiteraard.

Het is misschien net genoeg om uw probleem op te lossen, wellicht te verlichten tijdens afwezige personeel. 

In-house debt collection training -

(The Netherlands only)

As debt collector / accounts receivable employee you are judged on your results. So it is important to maximise the potential of a successful recovery on every case. Our training is a helping hand.

We are able to provide a short training session at your office for up to 4 employees at a competitive hourly rate of € 90,00 inclusive 25 Km's.

We cover;-

Telephone skills
Debtor profiling
Understanding can't & won't pay clients
Due diligence

If you require extra staff, I am available on Tuesday & Thursday's to assist you with in house debt collection at the same competitive rates.

Contact us at reekfr@gmail.com